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This was the finished shoe and cake
BatterUpCake I did the same thing. I found some size 6 on clearance and cut them up. I made my pattern from the cut up pieces and dried the sole on the shoe to get the perfect curvature.
celiazumbach, really??? Or are you being sarcastic? I hope it's the latter.
The 1st thing that made me think this was a mannequin was the placement of the top row of the pearl necklace. Why would you place a necklace up there unless it is to hide where the doll head attaches to the neck. And where is the OP?? She has not even TRIED to defend herself!
" a cat walking and sitting on your kitchen counters with their gross fecal-covered feet and uncovered anuses"     Disgusting but very well put!
Thanks everyone for your ideas! Here is the finished cake. I was able to talk my customer into spending a few more $$ for the gumpaste decorations!        
BatterUpCake, thanks I just cut them out myself.
I can't believe that is NOT disco dust. Please post pics of them. I'm very interested to see them. Also how much was the sample pack and how many were in there?
If you add some tylose powder to fondant it will harden up pretty nicely. I roll it out about 1/4" thick and cut the square part and also a long strip about 3 inches tall. I wrap the strip around a soup can or a can of crisco, depending on how big you want the hat. Let both dry for a few days. Once dry you can glue the 2 pieces together with a bit of melted chocolate. Add the tassel and you will have an edible hat. Personally I don't like the taste of fondant so i...
Is this a new recipe or have you used it before?
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