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BatterUpCake, the box was the easiest part! It is a1/4 sheet, 2 layer cake.  I baked it pretty tall so it would be as tall as a real shoe box. I cut panels of modeling chocolate and put them in the freezer for about 5 minutes to harden. Once hard, I attached them to the sides if the cake.   The box top (not edible), I cut a piece of foam board to fit on top the the cake, adding a little more than 1/4" to each side. I rolled out a large piece of modeling chocolate, making...   does this help?
I also thought it was a misspelling. Cest la vie!
BatterUpCake, Thank you. I just printed it from the internet onto a sheet of edible paper and cut it out with an exacto knife.
This was the finished shoe and cake
BatterUpCake I did the same thing. I found some size 6 on clearance and cut them up. I made my pattern from the cut up pieces and dried the sole on the shoe to get the perfect curvature.
celiazumbach, really??? Or are you being sarcastic? I hope it's the latter.
The 1st thing that made me think this was a mannequin was the placement of the top row of the pearl necklace. Why would you place a necklace up there unless it is to hide where the doll head attaches to the neck. And where is the OP?? She has not even TRIED to defend herself!
" a cat walking and sitting on your kitchen counters with their gross fecal-covered feet and uncovered anuses"     Disgusting but very well put!
Thanks everyone for your ideas! Here is the finished cake. I was able to talk my customer into spending a few more $$ for the gumpaste decorations!        
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