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6 is not normal, nor is 8. I think you can get at least 12 from a bag. The chocolate must be runny, which Wilton candy melts is not. It is thick and hard to work with. If you add shortening, It will help but not much. And if you keep reheating you are probably overheating it which will thicken it.Add Paramount crystals to thin it out. Better yet, use a better quality melt such as Merkins. I never have a problem with that.
The problem here is the whipping cream. I think a good crusting cream cheese frosting will be ok covered with fondant.   I frost ALL my cakes with Pastry Pride. It's a non dairy whipped topping that comes in a frozen liquid which once thawed has to be whipped to the firmness you want. If you look at my pictures you will see that I use fondant and gumpaste accents on my cakes.   I also learned the hard way. I did a polka dotted cake and used gumpaste dots in all...
BatterUpCake, that is exactly how I do it!
What if you did the top and bottom tiers like your mom wants and do the center tier with gold scroll work? like this cake. Not the whole cake, just look at the tiers with the gold scroll work.
I didn't see norasmom's Santa cake. Can someone post it please? I just gotta see it now!
I lied, this one is awful too  
  You really cannot get any more horrendous than this:
I will never understand why someone would think someone else could price your cake??? We know NOTHING about your particular circumstance, other than the sizes of the pans. What if we all told you to charge $1 per serving, would you do that? I would hope not! This is something you need to figure out for yourself. It's not that we don't want to help, it's just that we can't. At least not with this kind of question.   Now, if you post a picture of a cake that is similar to...
Actually I searched "louboutin shoe box" and I got box tops with the white signature. I cropped and printed it to the size I needed then trimmed with an exacto knife.
Mowrys I searched and searched till I found one that had the white in it. There were mostly black images but I found a white one. I think I saved it it you need it.
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