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I couldn't believe I was actually contacted by a company since im a really small business without a lot of customers about using their trademark. I was forced to take down my picture of a cake that wasn't sold but was still on my business page. Has anyone else ever been contacted before by a company ?
I have been laughing reading every ones posts they are hilarious!! My top two annoying sayings are,"We don't have a lot of money, but we want a fondant covered, carved 3D cake...will that be a lot?"  or the ," I love pretty cakes but the taste is very important to me, since you don't offer samples for birthday cakes Im not going to order from you." 
I need to make a full moon cake and I was planning on using Styrofoam for the bottom half and cake for the other. I need it to serve 50 people and was wondering what would be best to use a 10in or a 12in to get the correct servings. Any help is appreciated :)
I don't know what a cardboard plate is but to make the image outlines on the gumpaste, all you need to do is have the image sitting on the gumpaste, its best to rub some shortening on the table to prevent the gumpaste sliding then lay the image on top of the gumpaste, take a toothpick or if you have gumpaste tools use a ruffle stick and use medium pressure to outline the picture like you would a pencil. Lift the photo off the gumpaste then use a exacto knife to cut it out.
Well it only took over night to dry since it was really thin. I painted it with airbrush color. But you can use food markers or color and vodka. And the best way would be to attach it after it is delivered and having toothpicks or some kind of sticks to attach to the back with chocolate or royal icing something that will dry fast and be very sturdy. I just added a small amount of white chocolate to the back and stuck it on the cake.
Wow...I charge a minimum of $100.00 base price for a carved cake then the price goes up depending on design and servings.
I made a strawberry shortcake that stood beside the cake, but you could use it as a topper also. I just found a picture of her online then cut out the picture traced it on thin gumpaste. Let it harden then hand painted her.       
I put my fondant cakes in the fridge all the time. They do become shiny but once you leave them out for a few minutes they become dry again. :)
Thanx for the info, "your right no news is good news". Luckily I was just contacted by my client and she said she loved the cake. I had my toes and fingers crossed lol. I think im my worst critic and i over think too much. 
It makes me wonder if they were happy with the cake. I never get any complaints on the cake but I hardly ever get any responses back if they loved it or not. I don't want to write them and ask, i feel like if they did love it they would've told me. When i post a picture of the cake i made for them on my webpage , they do like the picture but don't comment. Maybe im over thinking it, but it makes me worry. Does this happen to anyone else?
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