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Hey Professionals this newbie needs some help!!! I have baked and froze 3X3X2 'cupcakes' for a wedding, and now I am down to the last week before the wedding this Sat. I will be injecting the cakes with raspberry filling, covering them in bc, then putting a chocolate glaze on with fondant/gumpaste decorations. My question is: How many days in advance can I begin frosting and glazing? I'm thinking I shouldn't put the decor on until the day of the wedding? Thank you for any...
I have just tried a batch of this new mix using the 'Flexible Royal Icing recipe on the back of the package and it came out very gooey. It is like trying to work with a melted marshmallow....can anyone tell me if I have not whipped it long enough, too long, etc.
I had the same problem and I just added 1/2 tsp at a time of water with LOTS of Crisco on my hands...its gonna be gooey but sure beats throwing it out.
Thank you all so much for your input! I'm going to try RI, and if I can't master that then off to the grocery store I go for the edible image. Again, THANK YOU so much! I'm fairly new at all of this, and just learning what all the different icings are for.
I am doing a 1950's style theme with cookies and cupcakes, and wanted to do fondant poodle skirts. The skirts are no problem, but I'm not a good artist and need an idea on how to get the poodle on the skirt. I have tried a trace of a poodle, but since its so small and the details are intricate the fondant is just tearing when I try to 'cut' out the poodle....Any ideas how a NON artist can get this poodle done? Thanks for all your help!!!
I'm curious how you did the tie dye... I also think Color in can tastes funny if you are wanting 'darker' primary colors. I am looking for an alternative.
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