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I saw that one when trying to search, but that bad boy is $175!! That's CRAZY! I'm just a small home based baker! LOL!
I personally feel like the Wilton wire leveler is for the birds... and not making my cakes as level as they could be. Can someone give me an idea on a really good one?!!? Or any advice on how to get the the BEST leveled cakes!?!
Thank you Texas_Rose!!! You are SOOOO helpful!
Thank you!! Can someone also tell me how you think I could do the "craters" on the cake?? The one on this one looks so perfect!!!And also, how do you achieve a nice dark brown fondant like the one on that cake too?!?!
Thank you! I have the Wilton Silver Pearl Dust but it doesn't look like it's "metallic" enough...does the color come out more when mixed with vodka?? The cake won't taste like vodka, will it? I've been thinking about getting into the airbrush!!! But I don't have the kit or anything yet!
I am looking to buy wire to make little stars and such coming out of the tops of my cakes... but I've read a lot about how some wires aren't "food safe" and have too much metal or something in them?? I'm wanting to know WHAT IS SAFE to use and won't harm the cakes, but sturdy enough to hold things up?!
I'm doing a wedding cake in September and am going to order Satin Ice to cover the cake in since I want it to be a nice white! It'll be a round double layer (about 4" each tier).. Three tiers, 10", 8", and 6".. Can anyone tell me the approximate weight I'll need to order? I'll also be doing a ball border around it. I don't want to have too little or too much (because it's way too expensive). Thank you for the help!
I'm wondering how to achieve the metallic silver like the one on top of this AWESOME Toy Story cake that I saw on Flickr?!?! Thanks for the help!
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