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Hi Guys We have got a wedding expo in 3 weeks time and was just wanting to know what other have done with their stalls to make then stand out from the others...also how do others serve samples to potential brides... Thanks in Advance
Sunny North Queensland..Australia!!!!
I have just done a Bridal Expo and out of it I got 30 Confirmed bookings and I am now in the process of going through the list that was emailed to us from the Show Organiser, the list was supplied to us in the price that we paid for the site. This was my first expo and I am still over whelmed at the response that I have been given. I also on the day went around to all the other vendors and handed my business cards to them and in return they gave me their cards....As...
Hi GuysI have had a very different request.....A groom has asked if he could have flames on his cake.....AHHHH you say...he actually wants a fire on his cake with real flames. Has anyone ever had a request like this and have you ever pulled it off and if so would you mind sharing!!!!!Any HELP would be greatly appreciated!!!!Thanks in Advance!!
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