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......So I take it that you don't know? LOL ( By the way I totally agree)
I would of hiked on over to Walmart, purchased him a chocolate cake and put a Walmart label underneath it-let him explain that to his clients!
Send me a menu....
Right, here is mine. Made for my daughters birthday...lots of time put into it.
How in the ever lovin' He@# does her being licensed or not even remotely have to do with her post??? God that is getting soooo old. Anyhoo, I get where the OP is coming from and I totally have felt the same way and I believe I have said the same thing...never was it meant as rude. Your work is lovely and there is just some cakes we put our hearts into and a price cannot be put on those.
I have heard that the flowers tend to be thicker for shipping purposes, have you found that to be true?
I was curious as to who makes their own or buys wholesale gumpaste flowers. I just hate making flowers and am looking into buiyng offline but how does that work when it comes time to charge the customer. Do you charge just what you payed for jthem and the time it takes to place them or as you would if you made them yourself? When asked do you tell the client that you purchase them not make them? Just wondering what you all do. TIA
This is so true, Geeze even at Denny's you are paying like 4 bucks a slice for plain ole' chocolate cake with nothing on it but canned frosting!! How in the heck you could make any money off that order is beyond me, you are too talented to just give your talent away-and anyone that scoffs at your already low prices just tell them "Don't let the door hit ya, where the good Lord split ya!!
People are on the net so much now days they live in a fantasy world. It is hard to remember at times that there are real live people at the other end of hurtful words and for those who do recognize....are cyber bullies plain and simple and they need to be dealt with like any other bully!
I have had mine for a few years now and it is awesome! I make a lot of bread and fondant in it and that motor never strains, it mixes everything with ease.
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