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What kind of buttercream do you use on your cakes? I've always used a butter/powdered sugar or hi ratio shortening/powerded sugar buttercream but I can't always get it as smooth as I'd like. I've tried the viva paper towel method but I guess I'm too much of a perfectionist. I've tried a swiss meringue that came out beautifully but is it durable enough to use under fondant? Can you pipe with it? My concern is that the swiss meringue would be too soft.
I plan on moving into the area (Dunkirk, NY) in the near future. I would LOVE to see a cake supply store as Dunkirk's only option is Wal-Mart. I will definately take a drive up!
Thank you! I didn't know about filling in with buttercream!
I am making a sheet cake for a school function for teachers. The sheet cake is smaller (11x15) but they are requesting two layers with a buttercream filling. After flipping one of the cakes out of the pan, the cake cracked sligtly down the middle on the bottom part. I really don't want to bake another cake (but will if I have to). My question is should I put this layer on the bottom or top? I don't want to risk the cake falling or having the buttercream crack. Thanks in...
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