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Um, no need for your smart-elec remark. I know this is real life. I was just making a comment myself.
I see all this about placing heavy objects on top or chilling for 24 hours but decorators on TV don't do either of these things and their cakes are bulge-free.
No matter what I do, I can NOT get rid of the bulge under my fondant. It's between the layers of the cakes. I have made a dam around the filling, used stiffer BC, chilled it, used thicker fondant, let the cakes have ample time to settle. Grrrrr, I don't know what else to do. It's to the point that I'm considering giving up cakes period because I can do anything else when it comes to cakes, but I cannot have a 'smooth' finish.
I agree with you KristieMarie
Marianna, when you use it, it doesn't look like it is going everywhere. You won't realize it until you go to wipe things down with a wet washcloth. That's when you realize it has went everywhere!!!
I am sure plastic carries as much toxins as metal wire does to be honest. Everything you buy carries a risk nowadays. I buy my wire from a cake supply store. It is coated in plastic.
SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME! I have only used mine once. I was airbrushing my daughter's cake, HOT PINK AND ORANGE...I had no idea it went everywhere until I started wiping stuff off and EVERYTHING was pink and orange. Countertops, walls, floors, chairs, cabinets. It wasn't until after everyone had tracked it thru the house did I realize it. When I took a bath, the water turned orange! So now I can't use my airbrush
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