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Hello everyone!i made MMF and BC last week for a cake i was making and i have some leftover. What is the best way to store both and how long can they be stored for? I have the BC in the freezer right now. Thanks for all your help!Megan
Hello everyone!I am new to MMF, i just made my first batch earlier tonight! I'm gonna let it sit wrapped overnight and see how it looks tomorrow. Tomorrow I want to make a bow out of the MMF to place on top of the cake. Can I add gum paste to the MMF to make sure the bow dries hard? I didn't know if this would have a same outcome as with store bought fondant, so i decided to ask the experts!Thanks in advance for the help!Meg
I was once told that if my buttercream icing uses water and crisco it doesn't have to be refrigerated (the other ingredients are: meringue powder, confectioner sugar, salt, vanilla)If i use milk instead of water i need to refrigerate the icing, but what if i use regular butter instead of crisco and use water, do i have to refrigerate the icing? Any help is greatly appreciated!!!Im trying to make some delicious cupcakes for a friends bday but she has a 2 hour drive home...
Hey everyone!I made a batch of creamcheese icing on 2/14/10 and I need to bake cupcakes for next weekend, 2/27/10. The icing has been in the fridge tightly wrapped since the 14th. Would you recommend I use the icing?? I hate to waste food but I don't want to make anyone sick either!!Thanks in advance for you help!!Meg
Hello everyone,I am trying to make fuchsia fondant! Does anyone know what colors i should mix together to get fuchsia? Or does wilton sell a icing color close to fuchsia? Any help would be great! Thanks!
Hello everyone,I was wondering how long it's ok to freeze a cake? Also, after i take the cake out of the freezer should i wait till it is completely thawed before icing it? If i were to crumb coat the cake, would it be best to crumb coat the cake prior to freezing it? or is it not necessary to crumb coat if i freeze it? i am new at cake decorating so any and all helpful hints are greatly appreciated!Thank you,Megan
Hello!I am making a cake for this weekend. The cake will be carrot cake and i have heard cream cheese icing goes very well with carrot cake. But i was wondering is cream cheese icing white? or does it have a yellow tint to it because of the butter? If it does can i use the wilton White-White to make it whiter? Also, would i be able to use the same cream cheese icing to make a border on the cake? or would the icing be too thin/thick? I have only used butter cream in the...
Thank you both so much for the help!
Hello!I am very new to making cakes with fondant. I've only made 2 cakes covered in fondant. I was wondering if i can still put fondant decorations, like cut out hearts, on the side and top of a cake if i don't cover it in fondant first?? I want to cover the cake in buttercream then place the fondant cutouts on the sides of the cake. Does anyone know if the cut outs would slide down the side of the cake? Is there any other reasons that i would not want to do this? Also, if...
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