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Looking for cake decorator in Ohio Valley area.Please pm for details.
Thank you all for the input. I'm not going to put it in the fridge. I think the decorator's cream cheese frosting will hold up nicely. Hopefully, I won't be posting in the cake disaster's gallery on here.
I'm just doing the cream cheese frosting and it will also be the filling. Wouldn't that be perishable? Would it be better to do buttercream?
I have a cake due on Saturday. I am planning on having a photographer take pictures of the cake Friday night. Can I put the cake in the fridge covered in fondant? Or will this mess it up? I will be using Satin Ice fondant and a decorator's cream cheese frosting for the crumb coat. Please help I don't want to mess this cake up. Thank you in advance!
Thank you! I hadn't thought of doing that. Now to find the candies.
What is the best way to do a poured sugar river? Please help it is for a school project for my son.
That is absolutely amazing! Both the cake and the tv show. Congratulations!
Please help! I'm making a surprise anniversary cake for a friend and I'm covering it with decorator's cream cheese frosting (it is amazing and i found it on here!!) But I don't know how to get a nice smooth look on it. HELP! PLEASE!
I got mine the other day and played around with it a little. I got a "tips and tricks" page with mine and it said to place fondant in the freezer for about 30 minutes before cutting with the Cricut. I'm excited to try it on fondant. I only used the frosting sheets that came in the bundle on Monday just to see how it cut and show my husband what it was capable of doing.
I use the software and I LOVE IT! It takes some time to put everything in but I have found it well worth the price. When you go to their website and scroll to the bottom of the page there is a discount for Cake Central members. I love it! Watch the tutorials they were a big help in learning how/what it is capable of.
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