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Most cakes that you see on cc have a 2" difference between layers eg:10",8" and 6" looks nice.I made one for a 100 person wedding and did these sizes with three 2" high cakes on each tier.HTH
I can't help much with powdered colors,I have made navy by combining wiltons royal blue and a bit of black.
I find that I like the look of 10",8" and 6" tiers.I use 2" high pans and stack 3 of them on each tier.
hmmmm,so saying that somebody is sulking is a nice thing???I guess because I run a daycare and worry about the kids feelings,I would never jump down some ones throat for asking a question.There are no stupid questions,we are all learning as we go.
Wow....I have just changed my opinion of cc.I brag about it to everybody,and I am in total disbelief of how mean alot of your replys were.I am a legal business and maybe some of the people asking questions aren't but they are just questions.If our kids got jumped all over for asking a question at school,I bet they would never ask another one again.That would be a terrible feeling for them,as it is at any age.
I have been making tons of figures lately and am doing mario right now.I use fondant and have had them all go well and no cracking as they dry.I use the Michelle Foster updated fondant's so nice to work with. hth
I also use Michelle Fosters fondant.It is great!!!I have tried making mmf and many others but they are not as good tasting or as easy to work with.
I got it from wiltons teal also.Start with a small amount and work your way up to the tiffany blue shade.
I have been looking for a great white chocolate b/c also.I bought a block of white chocolate in bulk at the grocery store and had about the same result as I did with the white chocolate chips.The bulk was still very pricey though.I didn't love the taste of the buttercream combo.I layered it with raspberry filling and it seemed to curdle.I found the chips had the same result just not quite as tasty.If you find a good recipe I would love to know.I need it for a wedding in May.
I just got a request for a white 3 tier wedding cake.They would like layers of raspberry filling as well as white chocolate filling.Does anybody have any tried and true recipes for either????Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.I tried white chocolate buttercream with Emerils raspberry sauce,but it was way to soft and fell apart.Thank you for any info.
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