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I can't wait to get some,they are so cute.I am in Canada too. recipe for easy and tasty modeling chocolate
Lorraine Mackay has great tutorials on you tube
I know everybody gives the mermaid bakery one good reviews,however I ended up not using the cake once it was baked.It was sunk in the middle,and was too dense for my liking.It was a really heavy pound cake idea.
Michelle Fosters updated fondant recipe is the best!!I have tried wilton, mmf and others.Hers is the best by far.
I have tried wasc,mermaid bakery vanilla and many more.The one I find the best is called "durable cake for 3d and wedding cakes" It is on the top 4 if you look up the most saved recipes on this site.It tastes soooo good and stacks very well.HTH
I use Michelle fosters updated fondant mixed with half wilton gumpaste.I was able to make a figure and golf balls and have them harden up enough over night to stand.I always find that mmf is way to soft to sculpt with.
I just did a cake with mario and sonic figures,I used just fondant.(Michelle Fosters recipe)I made bears,birds and people with it for another cake and all have turned out well.They can be made ahead and hardened without any cracking.I have heard to mix half fondant and half gumpaste and am trying that this week.
yes it is ...use the michelle fosters updated fondant.Just dont add too much sugar,its better to be sticky and then add more as you need it.I always half the recipe as it makes a ton.
I find that michelle fosters fondant is so easy to work with and holds shapes great.
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