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The recipe that is called"durable cake for 3d and wedding cakes" is in most saved recipes.I use it all the time,and it is so good.It uses sour cream along with a small(3.5oz)box of instant pudding and the box cake mix.
You could try using royal icing to glue it to the cardstock.
Michelle Fosters updated fondant recipe is the best!!!! Tastes great,easy to make and very easy to work with.
Also,my 2010 wilton year book says that stand is 16" 12" and 8" plates
Wiltons cake chart says that a 2 layer cake that is in an 8" pan will serve 25 people
12",9" and 6" rounds are a nice look to stack on each other.I usually bake my cakes 1 or 2 days ahead and let them rest overnight ,fill them and ice them the day before the wedding.I make 3 cakes of each size so that each tier is a good height.
I never use mmf, it always gives me trouble.I use Michelle Fosters recipe,it's great and I have never had it crack on me.
Gotta love mother in laws..... and their cheap friends.
Michelle Fosters updated fondant recipe is super easy to make and use.The best part is that it even tastes good.
I wasn't planning on going to Kelowna until next weekend which is where our Michaels is,but after seeing these I might have to go sooner...
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