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Wiltons chart says that a two layer 8" will serve 25 and a two layer 6" will serve 14.
I bought 2 "Duff" impression pads and hate them, they barely leave an impression compared to Wiltons thought that you were doing cupcakes and the stiping method is great for that,not sure about a cake though.Here is an image of cupcakes that were tye dyed by some one on the site
Painting stripes of color length wise in your piping bag works well
I have never heard of dissolving fondant in water to make glue...I am excited to try it.
I use a small paintbrush and dip it in water,the water glues fondant well.I know alot of people use royal icing also.
I always use one called"extra special buttercream", its in the most saved recipes section.It holds up well and tastes great,I like that it is half butter and half shortening so you get a sturdy b/c
Thank you all,I love this site! I am going to try adding strawberries to my regular b/c. All the ideas sound great.
I have an upcoming wedding cake and the bride would like vanilla cake with strawberry buttercream filling.Any suggestions for a good strawberry buttercream?I love my buttercream recipe but find when I add fruit flavor it gets "fake" tasting....Thanks
The recipe called"durable cake for 3d and wedding" is in the most saved recipe section. It tastes great in any flavor and is moist but dense enough to carve or torte.All of the reviews on this recipe are great.
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