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The updated recipe is milk,I use it all the time.Make sure not to add too much sugar or it will be dry after resting.Also make sure to strain the liquid.It is so good
I have been wanting to try making smbc, can I ask what recipe you used?
I love the "durable cake for 3d and wedding cakes".the recipe is in the most saved section. I have a french vanilla one in the oven as I type.I use a french vanilla mix (duncan hines or betty crocker) and vanilla pudding mix. It is moist and tasty every time.
I roll my fondant to a size that will fit well over the cake then I use an impression mat.Carefully lay it over the cake and gently smooth it.I have never had to stretch my fondant to fit. A quilted pattern is done once the fondant is on the cake.
I would use half of a ball shape pan.
Yes it is, everybody gives it great reviews. I like the extra special buttercream only because it has half butter and half shortening.
Indydebi's icing isn't too sweet and everybody loves it.I really like the recipe for "extra special buttercream" It has great flavor and not too sweet.
When I did fresh strawberries with bavarian cream I washed and dried the berries and then sliced them.Then I put them in an airtight container overnight to release most the juice,patted them dry and then layered them in the cake.
I always read to bake your cakes ahead of time and then tightly wrap and freeze,so I tried it and it is great.The cakes are actually moister and easy to crumb coat and fill while still cold.Just thaw it at room temp covered.
I have used fresh strawberries in layers but I had bavarian cream under them. They made the cake a little moist but not soggy.
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