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I make my figures at least a week in advance.I attach them to my fondant covered cake with a fondant/water mixture,it is thick like glue.
I just took this out of the oven and it looks great,I baked at 325. I only ever tried the WASC with oil in it and it sunk in the middle.This time I used the original WASC and it looks perfect!!!
Thanks mamawrobin,you are always so helpful.I have this in the oven right now.
For the "original Wasc" recipe are most people using water or milk for their liquid?
Michele Fosters is the best tasting and so nice to work with.
The wilton site has a great serving amounts chart
How big is your slab? I stacked a 12" by 16" last weekend.I went 3 cakes high with bavarian cream between each layer with no problems.
Candy Clay for Modeling & 3D Figures. Great recipe from this site.
It looks like the flowers were cut with a five petal cutter and then shaped.
I think that the updated version has the chocolate instructions
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