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Thank you all for your great input
I am not happy with the strawberry buttercream recipe I have.I need one that tastes great and can be piped onto cupcakes.TIA
Yikes,,,,I just bought the large wilton one that folds in half for storage,is that the one that is garbage?
Decorators cream cheese!
If you go to articles and then to gumpaste flowers there is a great tutorial on how to make 5 petal roses
I use a small amount of wiltons sky blue and have always had a great tiffany blue tone
I charge about $2.50per cupcake. I am doing a wedding this month and will be charging $32.00 per dozen because they are cream cheese/red velvet.
I just finished attaching ribbon to a tiered wedding cake,I used double sided tape to attach wax paper to the back of the ribbon and then stuck it to the cake with dots of icing, worked great.
Michele Fosters fondant is the best recipe! great tasting and easy to work with.
Michele Fosters updated fondant recipe is The Best.It is great to work with and tastes so good.
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