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I did a cake decorating party for a friends daughter who was turning 12. I made each girl two 6" rounds and also made all of the buttercream and fondant ahead of time. Each girl filled and iced their cakes and while they where setting they kneaded color into their fondant. I gave them all my cutters and tools to play with and they came up with great designs....lots of fun
I just had to transport a 4 tier cake last weekend.I put each tier in a box and assembled it there. are some tiny figures that I made a while back. I used Michele Fosters fondant. Normally I add tylose powder but I was out. HTH
I just made very black royal icing yesterday.I use Americolor black and with just a few drops it gets very black.
I love the chocolate and vanilla cake recipe called durable cake for 3d and wedding cakes.It is super most and so tasty.Dense enough to stack.
I love Michele Fosters fondant recipe.....easy to make and it tastes great.
I am making a red race car and have always had my red fondant come out more pink toned.Is there a way to get a true red? Do I just have to use tons of food coloring?TIA
I make my fondant/tylose figures up to a month ahead.They dry and harden. Store them in a shoebox or similar,you dont want an airtight container or they will stay soft.HTH
I have been using fondant for years with buttercream under it but am curious if crusting cream cheese icing will work also.....TIA
I have used Michele Fosters fondant for a while and love it.It does get a hard outer shell but I have never had trouble cutting through it,and it is soft to eat. I think most fondant does this and they don't taste nearly as good.
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