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Thanks! I'm getting different answers from everyone, so I guess I'll be trying them all! 
Thank you imagenthatj for the links with the solution! I'll give it a try next time! 
I've been using Sharon Zambito's non-dairy BC frosting recipe for a while now, but all of a sudden I've been getting blowout's in my cake. I usually bake my cakes the day before & wrap them in saran wrap & then the day I decorate, unwrap & let sit to let the "stickyness" from being wrapped go away before frosting. I can't figure out why all of a sudden it's doing this when I haven't done anything different than in the past. It always seems to happen just right before I'm...
I make my own MMF & have a problem when trying to make grey. I add the Wilton black gel paste coloring to it & every time it ends up turning purple-ish. HELP!
Good to know, thanks hsmomma!
Thanks for your your help!
I am looking into getting a MASTER airbrush system model G23. Has anyone ever used this kind & had good luck with it?
Darn! I was hoping there was some kind of pouncing tecnique used with a sponge that would work! Oh well, I guess I have get one then. Thanks for your input & information!
It's a celestial cake. The bottom of the cake is a dark blue, sort of wavy & above that is 3 different shades almost cloud like patterns blending together as if like camo.
Is there a way to get an airbrushed look on fondant, without using an airbrush?
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