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I think it''s a personal preference. I prefer SatinIce. I like FondX too. Funny thing is, I don't like Pettinice at all! I tend to use shortening when kneading or rolling out large sections of SatinIce. I even use SatinIce to make gumpaste, it's often humid here near the beach and commercial gumpaste doesn't always work for me. When I use this "gumpaste" I tend to use powdered sugar to roll out.
The cake is fantastic! The lean just adds to the charm! I had this happen once when I made my own drum out of cardboard rounds; cake was too heavy. It didn't look so nice on a 4 tier wedding cake!
I work in an office and we get the print cartridge calls weekly! They say they're calling from customer service about our copier. Never reply with the affirmative! There was another scam a few years back for a business phone book. They mail it to you and if you don't refuse delivery or God forbid you throw it out, you get billed something outrageous like $1000. A new one recently is an official-looking letter from the Division of Corporations trying to get you to pay...
Royal blue and a little black will give you navy. Americolor also sells a navy color.
I think it's the PME spray - I used it on this cake can get it at Global Sugar ARt
It will depend on how large the crack is and where it's located. If your layer cracked in half, i'd say rebake as you will be stacking and it's not as sturdy. but if it's just the edge, try cake spackle - mix BC w/ cake crumbs. It will help hold the pieces together and create a smooth surface. Then ice as usual. For MMF you'll need a really smooth surface underneath or imperfections will show through.
I was thinking maybe yellow too. There is a Buzz Lightyear ride at Disney? where they use blacklight and there is alot of fluourescent green, but i can't recall what color makes that green.
That's certainly interesting. Did you ever figure it out?
I prefer 2" pans.
I can't see the picture?
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