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I also would give the buttercream time to stiffen and settle before applying the fondant, otherwise the fondant may start to slide.
I always would roll out fondant before attaching to a board and I use spacers to make sure it is even in depth. If you cover the board several days ahead of attaching the cake, the fondant will harden nicely and it is much easier to attach the cake without damaging the icing on the board.
I prefer to use fondant as I think it does a neater finish. If it is covered in advance it hardens well and so makes it easy to set cake on top (with thin cake board under the cake) with less risk of damage as opposed to the risk of tearing the foil.
I certainly agree about freezing cake and if you bake ahead of time, if any thing does go wrong you have time to re do. nolim is right- you have to be prepared for the unexpected. Make sure you are not going to be interrupted.
Looks like a 12, 10 ,8, 6 &4 .The drape on the top layer gives the illusion of making the cake look nearly the same size as the one below it because it comes out quite wide at one side but I think it is 2 " smaller.
Apart from when I baked undecorated cakes before I was married, my adventure into the world of novelty cakes began with my 1st childs 1st birthday.From then on there was a different novelty cake for each birthday.By his 2nd birthday I has another baby and this continued for the 3rd each one getting more adventurous and as they got older they got to choose what they wanted. They are all married now and the big crescendo was almost 4 weeks ago when I made my one and only...
Fom my own limited experience, I would recommend filling the cake(s) and leave them to settle before crumb coating with buttercream.I then would place the cakes in the fridge for 20-30 minutes to give the buttercream time to harden before placing fondant on top.The 1st time I covered a buttercreamed cake with fondant I didn't do this and the buttercream started sliding underneath.Also, don't apply the buttercream to thickly as this too will have an affect on your fondant.
are you rolling out too large a piece for the cake being covered, this can pull heavily causing the fondant to crack/ tear.I agree that you need to Knead well but do not overwork it at you will get air bubbles
Thankyou, just make sure you make all fruit as you can do it well in advance and decorate in advance . I was talked into all different flavours so couldnt b.c and fondant until a few days before wedding.I baked the cakes a few weeks before and froze them before decorating.Mind you I was crafty I baked the largest 12" layer as fruit (as there are folk who like fruit ) and also it was very strong to take the other layers. At least I got that one out of the way 1st. It is...
You are all so encouraging (I'll have to keep my feet on the ground!) don't think my hubby would like me to do this full time,the housework was neglected as well as himself I have to give credit to Alan Dunns decorators bible. It was such an inspiration and with great instructions. I feel I'm bragging now but I am attaching a photo of the flowers/folage I made.As I said I wasn't happy with the final arrangement but these things keep us humble don't they? I totally agree...
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