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I have used my cricut with both MMF, and satin ice fondant - you can get online or if you have a bake shop they might carry it - i think i've even seen it at walmart or michaels. Anyway I found both worked fine as long as the mat is greased, the fondant rolled thin and then frozen.I also found that freezing it before peeling it off the mat helps in case the fondant has softened too much. If you are going to be making cakes for others that require more intricate designs and...
a client wants a half sheet cake that is half chocolate and half yellow - side by side not layered. What is the best way to do that?>
Does anybody have ones they use and love? I have the cricut cake and really enjoy using it. I did a silhouette using Cricuts brown frosting sheets. I tried some of the scraps I had an a scrap piece of cake I had before placing the silhouette and the cake and almost wanted to spit it out. It was so tough and felt like I was eating paper!!! Anybody have ones they have used and like? And if so where can you get them?
I need to know what people charge for cheesecakes - I'm making 2 9" ones for a bridal shower with gumpaste flowers on it. Any ideas - Please Please!!!
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