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I know this is an older thread, but I just had to pipe in....   I've always had starting prices and a minimum on my website, but I still get the occasional budget shopper. Not sure if they don't read what I have posted on my site, or what. WIth the budget shopping, usually when I give them a quote (assuming they've seen my website info), they say something to the effect of "I didn't think it would be that expensive!" And then they try to negotiate!!  The way I see...
* bump *Anybody?
To anyone who has shipped cake toppers before... how do you do it? They're so fragile and I'm nervous about shipping one for a wedding. Do you use bubble wrap, or packing peanuts? Styrofoam? Who do you use to ship them? Thanks!
It'll be fine in the fridge. The fondant pieces may sweat when you take it out, because going from cold to hot, condensation may form on the outside, but it will eventually evaporate. It wont hurt it.
Thanks everyone
Hi Everyone!I KNOW for a fact there are threads on this, but when I did a search I couldn't come up with anything. It never lets me move to the 2nd page of search results!!Anyway, I have a regular client that would like me to do an adult cookie decorating class for Christmas. She wants to get the girls together for girls night out. I'll bring all of the supplies, including cookies, bags, tips, royal icing, etc and teach them how to decorate. Does anyone else do these? If...
I agree. I think it's a great idea to use your cake pops as a marketing venture, but the kids are going to shove them in their mouths so fast the parents won't even see them! I think you'd be better off giving the cake pops to businesses in your area with your cards
I actually just purchased the software. I love the idea of it, the fact that it calculates based on the recipe entered, it has a listing of all upcoming payments, etc., but to be honest, I wasn't impressed. I was pretty disappointed.I'm an insurance agent by day and I work with an agency management system every day. The workflow of Cake Boss is very "all over the place" to me. There are a lot of things that just don't make sense to me - and I don't mean it's because I...
I'm self taught! I've been doing cakes for about two years now, and I'm taking my FIRST sugar class in October! yay for me!! Can't wait!
I have NO idea what beyblade is and I'm not sure what end result you're going for (lol), but could you use Royal Icing?? It dries really hard and is pretty strong... I use it to glue lots of stuff
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