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I'm curious if anyone has ever found a disposable bag smaller than 12"? I like the ease of the disposable, but when you only need to put a little icing in a bag it seems like a waste to use a 12" bag. :)   Christy
For writing long strings of words on a cake side?   I am thinking that royal would be best; what do you think?   Christy
Thanks for the info. I probably won't by it unless I am in a pinch. I did buy the sizing dohickey though because the few times that i have made things with arms and legs, they don't always come out the same size.   Christy.
Has anyone used this? It seems alittle high in price to me. I wonder if it's just candy clay or something like that.   If you have used it, can you describe a likeness to anything else, i.e,. fondant and gum paste mixed together or something like that?   Thank you in advance.
I love these. Sorry it took me so long to come back and reply. With Job and Cake jobs - Life is super busy.
I buy mine at the mat maker Sweetwise. :) I had 3 of mine turned into a cupcake stand by a friend at work and he told me that it looked just like MDF. I'm going to be buying a sheet of that and get it chopped up into several sizes for me, especially recatangles because the store where I bought the rounds and squares don't have rectangle ones.   I am not sure if Sweetwise sells the masonite boards online or not.
Has anyone tried one of those food storage systems that sucks the air out? I was just wondering because it seems like i waste a lot of fondant by having to open it and only use a small part of it.   Thanks.   Christy
Thanks everyone. Christy
I got back into cake decorating about 2 years ago; I only had just started 20 + years ago, when mommyhood got in my way. After 2 + years, my buttercream roses still suck. Any advise?Thanks Christy
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