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Wait I just reread your 1st question ... It's in a commercial kitchen I rent ... are there different type ovens for that.  They have the ovens that's good for general use ... they have clients that cater and some that does desserts and some that makes jams ... 
Yes It's a commercial oven.  I haven't turned it down  25 degrees.  I've only been doing between 5-10 degrees.  I'll try that.   It's weird because this just started happening and I've used the same over for almost 3yrs ...   Thanks for the feedback
Lately I've been running into a little bit of a problem ...    Some of the cakes I make are not turning out right .... it's been hard to get the timing down on the baking.  I use the same ovens in the commercial kitchen and have a thermometer in the oven to test the temp.     I used 3" pans ... I use the baking strips or the baking nails to have it cook evenly.  But the top of the cake bubbles up and it's cracked and takes forever to get done (hope I'm describing...
I know this is an older thread...but I'm interested in cooking ahead and freezing my cakes. 1. Is there a difference in freezing a cake in a commercial freezer and the home freezer? (I use a commercial freezer)2. Also do I thaw it in the refrigerator or on the counter?3. What's the least amount of time I can freeze the cake? (like 1-3 days... is that enough time to help lock in the moisture)Thanks in advance
Thank you I've been hearing some whispers about "The Cake Bible" I think it's time for me to see what it's all about I appreciate you all
MimiFix, I know and I can tell your very knowledgeable I've been reading your blog and looked at your FB page. I just didn't word my question right. Sometimes it's hard to put words to what I'm actually thinking. Sometimes the nerd in me cripples me in day to day life. As I stated I appreciate the research you posted. I love cake central business forum. I don't come here as often as I used to but I know when I do I always get great advice.
Thank You BakingIrene Ya'll don't know how much I appreciate you.
Yes! Jason this is what the post I was looking for was talking about. Thank You Thank You Thank You!I'm going to get the book today which give me plenty of time to test out the recipes before September.
Thank you for your search, I appreciate it. This information I already know and have mastered. What I'm looking for is information the amount of baking soda, baking powder and such as that. In larger recipes you don't multiply that by 10 if you want to make 10x the batter. Since they are rising agents you don't need that large of amounts. That's the information I'm looking for. It could make a difference in the turn out of cake, cupcakes etc.
Thanks MimiFix,That part I get that. However, multiplying the ingredients works for doubling and sometimes tripling it. But when I need to make 10x the amount of batter, then some ingredients like baking soda & baking powder etc is not multiplied the same way. And I can't find the thread on here that showed where to find that information. I saw it over a year ago but didn't save it. And since I switched to all scratch recipes I now need that information & Google...
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