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Bake Wise from Shirley Corriher and Cake Love-How to Bake Cakes from Scratch by Warren Brown (his first book). I think a few others are helpful but I need to check my shelf to confirm the authors' names.
Magic Line all the way here, too
I really like Warren Brown's IMBC recipe. You can find it through a web search and on his cake love website.
I wanted to post a pic of the sliced cake. My slice fell over on the plate and wasn't very pretty enough to include in a photo. The mud cake is heavenly! I am a convert for sure! I can only describe the flavor as deep, and intensely chocolatey. The texture is moist, velvety and soft yet still firm. I wouldn't say it has a brownie texture or density because mine was kind of fluffy and firm at the same time. I know it doesn't make sense but it 's the only way I can describe...
I just ganached my very first dark chocolate mud cake! I'll give it a taste after dinner. Once thawed, the layer was so soft!I am attempting to attache the photo below. If it works, I apologize for the other appliances in the way
I will look into that. Thank you.
I baked Pam's mud cake using half bittersweet and semi sweet chocolate. I love it! I had some problems keeping my parchment collars adhered to the cake pan but no big issues. I only tasted pieces of the edge that baked behind my misshapen collar. The pieces I tasted were absolutely delicious! Very chocolatey and moist Off to the freezer it goes and I will taste in a couple days. I am so excited!
I found one at the Marshalls/Home Goods store.
The Agbay is the best money I have ever spent! I have the large double blade. No regrets at all, just wished I ordered it sooner
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