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thank you for the response
When I add the third layer of a three stack cake, do I need to put the dowels through layer two into the base cake as well?I have never done more than two tiers.
I have a customer who wants fresh flowers for her wedding cake. My question is which flowers are non toxic. I have looked on line and have seen some flowers in the toxic category and then in another article they are called safe. How can I be sure and any ideas will be welcome
Thank you for your response. I have stored mine in a sealed plastic container. Is that all that is required?
I made some fondant roses about two weeks ago. How long will they be usable? A friend has asked for a cake and I would like to use the roses.
Thank you everyone for your comments. I totally know the cake was not perfect and I need lots of practice. Starting classes and will practice practice practice. I was happy with it as our first tiered cake, but want to be much better at it and I know what that takes.
The two tier cake took about 5 hours for me to complete. I know that sounds like a long time, but it was my first. I utilized wooded dowels for support and it all went together very nicely. I was pretty happy with it for the first time tiered cake.
This was my first tiered cake. I have only been decorating cakes for sale since late December. I will be taking a course starting this week to develop the skill.
We are very new in business. Started as a dessert supply for restaurants and catering and are just beginning to do the cakes. Began in November 2009.
No, I did this for someone we knew. We are just starting out and charged $100.00. Looking for exposure and and thought this would help. As I mentioned, I thought 160 would have been fair but then read about price per slice and the 160 sounded too low.
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