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Unfortunately there seem to be so few good ideas and writers for television that all they can put together anymore is "reality" shows where you get to watch people get up in the morning and trudge through their mundain, disfunctional and/or trashed lives. All in the name of entertainment? I've watched the beginning of a few of them and they seem to take the same path eventually. Bickering and cutting each other down. I liked Cake Boss in the beginning, but the night I...
I have boy/girl twins and I have been amazed at how many people see them and ask if they're indentical. Actually we've seen a documentary where they talk about how some identicals can be opposite sex. There were special circumstances with my twins and they were written up in a medical journal by the doc who delivered them. Never have found the article. They're going to be 38 in August. Wow, how'd THAT happen!! I'm so young!
Not sure what you mean by heavy. Do you mean too dense, too rich, too moist?
Very pretty cake! Nice job! I agree about the big butterflies.
I think it'd definitely look better with smaller ropes.
This sound delish. I've seen this recipe before and I'll be trying it soon. But I'll be icing it with ganache. Oh yah!!
The cake is GORGEOUS!! I can't say enough for simplicity in cakes and this looks flawless (all your hard work), has just the right amount of cherry blossoms, and the initial topper looks great. Did you make the topper as well? I love the different sizes of the tiers also. That tall tier is perfect for showcasing your lovely blossoms and stems. I'm very impressed with this cake. You're a wonderful friend to make her wedding day so memorable.
Okay, my original post was back in 09, and I don't remember what I did with those egg yolks. Now I have 24 hens and more whole eggs than I know what to do with. LOL I'm selling eggs and giving eggs away, but soon I may have up to 24 eggs a day. Today I'll scramble a few dozen and feed them back to the girls and the Little Dude (as my granddaughter named him). Planning to make a coconut custard pie soon and making lemon curd this afternoon. Homemade lemon curd on a buttered...
Step 3) Then the "free" cake board is covered in coordinating scrapbooking paper or wrapping paper. To prevent the cake grease from seeping through to the cake board, I cover the top of the board with clear contact paper. A roll of clear contact paper at WalMart is about $5-$6 and lasts forever ![/quote]Wrapping paper, gift bags and even fabric can be used to cover boards. If you use cardboards be sure and alternate the direction of the "little tubes" to give your board...
Ditto everything Indydebi said!!!Then keep on keeping on. Learn from your mistakes and don't beat yourself up about them. Life is too short to do otherwise. It's cake, not a life.
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