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Looking for a little help. I am working with smaller wedding cakes and had a request for a three tier for 30 people. I am planning on making an 8", 5" and placing a 10" dummy under the small two tier. I have a few questions: Do you just ice it as you would with regular butter cream? Is there any required prep work to the cake dummy? After you stack the cake, do you need to set a center dowel through all three tiers? Any help would be deeply appreciated!Thanks,tokazodo
My two cents:I freeze. If I need the cake within 24 hours I refrigerate. Condensation has been a huge problem for me, as the cakes thaw, creating soupy butter cream. (I live in a very humid area near the ocean) I try to ice the cakes and the butter cream won't stick to the sides of the cake because of condensation. I found that if I take my frozen layers which have been wrapped in plastic wrap and put them in the fridge over night, they are just right to work with the next...
I don't know of anything that will write on chocolate. Vodka and food coloring gels like Americolor, do very well on fondant and gum paste. I use it all the time. There are also food grade markers that write on fondant and gum paste.
It might be time for a new floor. One of my other jobs was cleaning beach rental cottages. (Huge houses on the ocean!)Sometimes when the floors get old, they get sticky and nothing you do seems to help. The only other thing not already mentioned would be to try a degreaser. If the floor is that aggravating, I would seriously think about replacing it. It's something you have to deal with on a daily basis. There are probably affordable alternatives at your local home...
Someone mentioned a few weeks ago that she needed a jewel for a princess crown. She said she grabbed some Jolly Rancher hard candies, microwaved them for a few seconds and was able to create jewels out of the candy, by pressing them onto shape. I thought it was a cleaver idea if you are in a bind.HTH
I have never had fondant sink into buttercream and I've made quite a few buttercream cakes with fondant accents. I leave my completed, stacked two tier cakes, in a box, or a large plastic see through tote, overnight, sitting on a stainless steel baking table, waiting to be delivered the next day and I haven't had any problems. HTH
Is marzipan an option for you? are plenty of recipes on line of you look for them.
I ordered cake boxes from Global Sugar Art and I was very satisfied with the cake boxes. I order from them frequently. They are great. They are located in Plattsburgh NY. They are very quick with shipping their orders to Here is the link for cupcake boxes. Luck!
I want a "Like", button so I can "Like", this!
*rubs chin thinking, "Hmmm...I must look into this PITA fee." I charge a minimal fee for all tastings. Should they choose to go with me, the fee of the tasting goes towards the price of the cake. It keeps the hungry wolves away who just want free cake. It takes up too much of my time doing a tasting, to do it for free. Don't change your recipes. They are yours, and that's what makes you special.
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