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We all have to start somewhere. Carpenters don't just pick up a hammer and automatically know how to build a house. They take their time learning the fundamentals, getting the basics down and then perfect their craft. Where do I get inspired? Other cake decorators like Sharon Zambito, Loraine McKay, Edna De la Cruz and Ron Ben Israel, Cake Central, and google images!Your wedding cupcakes will be fine. I like your mocha cupcakes in your photos, they look... above chart will tell you how many servings per pan. Squares are a pain but there are many videos out there for help. If you have time and money, Sharon Zambito's "Perfecting The Art of Buttercream" will get you to where you need to go. It's a great video for learning the basic of buttercream icing. She even includes her recipe. Good Luck to you, tokazodo
I made a two tier wedding cake with roses and rose buds on the sides of the cake, and butter cream 'dots/pearls' as a border. I had given it as a gift to the couple who couldn't afford a wedding cake and were going to make it themselves. There was a 3 year old, trying to pick the 'dots' off the cake with his fingers. No one seemed to notice. The kid couldn't figure out why the 'dots' wouldn't come off in one piece, like a piece of candy.They were butter cream!I thought it...
I would make her a cake for $25.00, but then again, it would only be a $25.00 cake!Why don't you show her what you can do for $25.00, and for $125.00 and let her make the choice? If she doesn't call you back, go enjoy some found time with your family. No worries, Be Happy!
You need to stop second guessing yourself. Do some research. What are the other bakers in your area charging? Are they doing custom work? You need to remember all of your costs like water and electric too. If you dont get a reply then go do something else.with your time that day.Unless you are independantly wealthy and dont mind sacrificing hours of your life producing cake as a community service project, then get comfortable with your prices and stick.with them.I have...
I'm with carmijok on this one. I down loaded the photo and blew it up to look at it. It looks like fondant which has been pressed through a clay extruder, and then wrapped around the cake in several layers. I think if it was butter cream, there would be more breaks in the pattern.
I actually have a friend who has a child who is allergic to apples. I would have concerns, unless I was going to eat it myself.
Red and black are very nice colors together. I just posted a cake with a black vine and pink flowers. This kind of design would be very pretty with red flowers too. I recently drove a 3 tier wedding cake 1 1/2 hours. It was a square wedding cake, (in my photos) 3 shades of pink. I was going to attempt to stack all three tiers and deliver that way, but chickened out at the last minute. I stacked the bottom two and added the third tier at the venue. I use crusting butter...
Something to think about: Will you be using it on standard electrical current? I have been researching them. If they can't run on standard current, then you will need an electrician to beef up your circuit breaker box and possibly run a new outlet to accommodate the new mixer. The price seems too low. The mixers my husband and I have been researching are around $2000.00.
Like a fool, I gave out my all time favorite scratch brownie recipe once. That person took it, baked and SOLD THE DERN BROWNIES! I was so upset when I found out. In my eyes, it was the fudgy icing which made my brownies so good and I did not give her that recipe. Still, it was a lesson learned. I keep my recipes to myself, now.
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