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Ok, thanks for the help!
Do you freeze in between baking and crumb coating? Also, once you crumb coat do you put it in the fridge or just leave it on the counter?Does it sound feasible if I were to bake on Sunday, freeze, take out Thursday morning to thaw, and then crumb coat frost Thursday night? The cake is just two tiers and they want it frosted really roughly with the lines of the spatula in it, so I don't think I'd have to worry about the cake settling too much...
When do you usually frost the cake? Thursday or Friday? Do you think it would be ok if it wasn't going to be refrigerated for sure?
Hi!My sister's friend wants me to make her wedding cake to save on money, which I would love to do, but I don't know if the timing of everything would work out and lend to a really fresh, yummy cake on the day of her wedding...Her wedding is on a Saturday, but because of my work schedule and the fact that the wedding is out of town, I would have to make the cake on Thursday night and frost it either late Thursday or early Friday morning. The cake she likes would be small...
I'm doing a bridal shower cake for a friend and was told to include pink gumpaste tulips on it. I've been looking on for cutters and have no idea which one to get to create a standard pink tulip you'd get from a florist... do I go with the turkish, holland, or american tulip? or nicholas lodge just has a standard one... any suggestions? Thanks!
Hi! Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix/dry fondant that's sweating and shiny?Advice would be great!
Thanks you SO much for the reply! I wanted to try it out but didn't want to ruin what I just spent the last 2 hours piping, haha.
Hi all! I piped a design with sugarveil in a brown color and when it dried, it was a lot lighter than what I wanted. I was wondering if anyone has tried using petal/luster dust over top of sugarveil? Would mixing it with vodka and then painting with it on top of the sugarveil make what I piped a sticky mess? Should I use it dry or will that dry out the piped design too much?Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated!Thanks!
Hi! I've made the wired petals for a gumpaste magnolia I'm attempting to make. I'm having a lot of trouble attaching the petals though. When I tape the individual petal onto the wire, they move around and keep bending. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make it so the petals won't move around all over the place?Any help would be very much appreciated!Thanks!
Yea that's what I was just thinking. I think putting a straw in the cake at a slant and just sticking the stem in the straw will work... Good thinking!
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