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I have been looking at this set of Cookie Cutters from a site and i am wondering it anyone else has purchased cutters from them and what their expereince was like. I just keep gettign a funny feeling about this place becasue the cutters ar so cheap....LOL I guess I am having a hard time believing them. LOLThanks
Thank you very much for your feedback. I did finally taste one of my RI cookies and I really think they taste fine, so I have no idea why anyone would say they dont like it...lolNow i just need to get better at the decorationg part. Thanks everyone!
Hello. I am new to the cookie making and I have a few questions. I had, in a previous post, asked about RI and realized that it wasnt RI I was using at the time, but a glaze instead. I was wondering how cookiers dealt with the heat after decorating their cookies because mine where not holding up well in the heat. i used a glaze to decorate them, so that would explain why no one answered my questions...lolAnyway, Today was the first time I decorated cookies...
I am just wondering how cookiers are dealing with RI and this heat. I am finding that my RI isnt hardening like it should with this heat and humidity. Does anyone have any suggestions on dealing with this problem?
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