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You can also just thin down a bit of fondant with water to use as a glue. Works great.
lol - I have that here all the time that people ask me how much a 3-tier wedding cake costs... Which leads me to take a deeeep breath to start explaining that.... *sigh*And I BET the Twilight-cake is needed next weekend!
You did this in 5.5 hours??? Wow!!!!They should be on the hands and knees kissing your feet!
Gorgeous cake!You have the contract, the delivery-siganture and the pictures. She does have absolutely nothing. (Not even any money anymore ist seems )I would not offer her anything. Offering a gift certificate or anniversary tier will be treated as an admission of guilt from someone like that.A nice, short and firm reply, attaching the signed contract and delivery sheet should be all that you need to give to her!
I use citric acid, the granulated version. It helps a bit, but of course the stuff is sweet. It is more or less pure sugar!
The cake is absolutely perfect and way underpriced I think! Amazing work!But girls - did you see the price for the flowers? Admitted, the bouquet is huuuge but if people are willing to pay that much for flowers - why do they keep complaing about cake prizes??
I make my own Gelatin Fondant after a tweaked recipe from Colette Peters. It takes me exactly 12 minutes to make a batch of approx. 3 lbs and that includes measuring all ingredients and sifting the PS. There is no cake decorating store anywhere near me so buying fondant always has additional shipping costs and I have calculated that I pay myself around 36 $/hour when I make it myself instead of buying it. Plus, I know the exact ingredients that go in (all natural) and I...
I'm sorry as well that you are in such a difficult domestic situation. Why don't you try to make your live a lot easier and just ditch the thought of baking 200 (!!!) cookies as favours (!!!) for the 1st birthday of your daughter? Who will ever honour all the time and trouble you had to go through for this?The suggestion of larger cookies is a good one - maybe make one large cookie per family that attends? Will save you a lot of trouble! Have a great party!
I got married 7 years ago (and divorced this week ) and as I have always been baking I HAD to make my own cake. It was stressful but worth it. I had bought "The Wedding Cake Book" by Dede Wilson and made the Sour-Cream Cheesecake with caramalised apples. It was delicious. My Aunt's 50th Birthday was just a few months later and she insisted on getting this cake - she only got a 2-tier though
Yep, this happens when you grease your surface with shortening. I usually use very fine corn starch whcih works like a dream. Unless I specifically want that effect - I think it looks a bit like leather. I then paint the fondant with a mixture of wodka and the fondant color to make it shiny. I like that effect.
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