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My friends daughter has lots of food allergies one being eggs. she asked me to make her birthday cake but i am trying to figure out a recipe to make. has anyone tried any recipes or subsititutions and how did it turn out?
i didnt think of that. thanks!!! I havent had my cookies bleed (although i havent done much with dark colors) but hear it happens a lot so its probably better to be safe
the way so i was i cut them out they look a little wavy so i was planning to make the lines that way. hopefully that will conceal any imperfections THANKS!!
I am making some checkered flag racing cookies and trying to plan them out in my head. Does anyone have any input in the best way to make them even and nice looking. I am thinking maybe i should make a white filled cookie and put black checks over it or maybe make the grid pattern and fill in the individual checks. Any opinions on the best way to make this cookie look nice. For something so simple I think it is going to be hard to make everything look even and straight.
its a 3d turkey. i made the body a ball shape and forned the head with a little pilgrim hat out of gumpaste. then i made leaves to be scattered around the body and feathers which will stand up against his back. I think its the feathers i am most worried about since they need to stand up. maybe even the head but i formed it on a straw so i think it should hold up, just hopefully its hat, eyes, beak wouldnt fall off. I just have no clue what types of issues i could...
I am making a turkey cake for thanksgiving and was asked to make carrot cake with cream cheese filling. I didnt think this was going to be an issue but I just started thinking more about it and the fact i made the turkeys head, feathers and some leaves out of gumpaste. it needs to stay in the fridge since its cream cheese icing, but how am i going to have problems with the gumpaste when i take it out. I need to assemble it tomorrow and it will not be served until...
thank you so much! i cant wait to try it. I asked before and got such a bad impression i was scared.
linedancer- how do you package the cookies that you freeze. I asked this question once before and people recommended not freezing decorated cookies? what is they best way to keep them fresh and not freezer burned? Do you freeze RI ones too or just fondant?thanks!
i just saw this one yesterday on flickr hope it helps!
I really want to make a cake using this technique. as first glance it seems easy, but the more i think of how I am going to do it the harder it seems. So before I start i was hoping to get some tips. What is the best way to accomplish this look? I assume you cut the edge before you lay the fondant but how do you lay it and smooth it without distorting it? ...
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