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Hi   I am thinking of doing a basket weave cake with fondant.   Unfortunately I am unable to access your video please can you let me know how to access your video.   Petronella
Thank you for replying back. I managed to do the roses successfully. Thank you for taking the time out to reply. [/quote]
I am about to do two handbag cakes. I would like to do one of them with a snake skin affect (if possible). I am aware of impression mats, but I don't seem to be able to find a large enough impression. I am going to attempt a replication of a Prada handbag with my twist on it. I also would like a patent leather affect using black fondant. Is anyone able to help?
Please could some advise me as to making chocolate roses. I have been asked to make a two tier Golden Anniversary cake. I would let to make the roses on cocktail sticks so I can position them exactly right for the design I want to create.Kind regardsPet
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