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Thanks for the feedback.  The contract that shows the money break down does state 'non refundable deposit' and shows the deposit amount.  The written part of the contract also states that if it was paid in full, then if notified prior to 60 days, the money would be fully refunded less the non refundable deposit.  I guess I better keep my business hat on and stick to my contract.  Thanks everyone!
I just got a letter in the mail that the bride is cancelling her wedding and wants her deposit back.  My contract clearly states 'non-refundable' deposit.  What should I do?  I feel bad that the wedding is cancelled but giving her money back is going against my own contract.  Has anyone else been in this situation?  What have you done?  Thanks!  Oh, and the wedding was for next spring and I didn't have to turn down anyone else on that date.
Tymmy - I really like the idea of 'liking' a vendors website on the social media sites. Thanks!In regard to get more updated pictures with fondant, I am in an area where people want buttercream. 95% of my customers prefer it over fondant so I have to do what my customers want, therefore, most of my cake gallery is going to be buttercream. Also, the fountain cake is making a comeback in my area. The ones on my site were done in the last 2 years, so again, it may seem...
Thanks for all the feedback. I definitely want to connect with more vendors. I haven't been able to find any networking meetings/groups in my area. Any suggestions on connecting with vendors? Crushed - I would love to take a look at your website. Can you leave me the address?Thanks
I am trying to focus more on wedding cake orders and am interested in how everyone 'draws' in the brides. I rent kitchen space so I don't have a store front. I have a website (, I am on Facebook and on different wedding sites on line such as weddingwire, onewed, etc. In the past, I have gone to reception venues and have left cards, brought cake samples, etc. but this didn't bring in any business. I have done a couple bridal shows but they are very...
I am trying to figure out other ways to get more wedding cake orders. I have a website and am on Facebook and other websites for weddings. I have done a couple bridal shows but they are very expensive. What do you all do to get more exposure and your name out there? Thanks!
Does anyone contact brides after the consultations if you don't hear back? If you do, what do you say and how long do you wait to contact? Thanks! Michele
What's the best pan size to use to make the pregnant belly cake? How do you get that nice round belly look? Thanks!
I need a cherry red (or bright red) gumpaste rose. It seems that all my red flowers end up kind of dull. I need to have a bright, vibrant red. How can I get my red like this?Thanks! Michele
How do I do use a stencil on buttercream? The bride doesn't really want to use fondant so what is my best, neatest way to use a stencil on a crusting buttercream?Thanks, Michele
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