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I am new to modeling chocolate and want to try to make some to put on cupcakes next weekend.  I need it to be black but  I haven't looked at all the wilton chocolate wafers to see if they even have black or if I will have to buy the brown wafers and use black gel. How easy will it be to get it black?    TIA
Is he actually wanting the BC to be white? As much as I love choc.covered cherries at Christmas time I am thinking you could do a chocolate BC and add the cherry flavoring to the that since he mentioned chocolate filling.
I have used Indydebi's BC also except for this last time I used a white chocolate BC recipe. The last few times I had made Indydebi's BC all my local Walmart had was Walmart brand PS. They hardly ever have Dominoes in stock, so I usually have to by store brand. A few weeks ago when I made my youngest daughters bday cake Walmart had Dominoes in stock so I bought several boxes. The white chocolate BC made with dominoes PS went on the cake so smooth and the last few times I...
YES!, I have already ordered gumpaste supplies and they will be here tomorrow. I am going to start practicing next week daily and keeping the ones that turn out and ditching the ones that don't, so by the end of March hopefully I have a good supply of gumpaste flowers.
This is the cake I am going to do without the carriage. It will have a crown on top instead of the
I am doing gumpaste flowers for the 1st time for a cake I am making for my daughters sweet 16 bday cake in March. Do I need to attach the covered wires to the flowers to be inserted into the cake or will they stay on the cake without the wires? The cake will be all buttercream with gumpaste flowers.
What kind of clay extruder do I need to get?
I am making my daughters sweet 16 bday cake in March.The cake that I want to make someone else made it and posted the pic about a week ago, it was blue with different colored flowers cascading down the cake with a carriage on top of course I won't have the carriage on top and I don't want to mess the looks of it by putting 16 candles on it or adding number candles that wouldn't match the cake. I really want to make a tiara with the number 16 in the center of the tiara but...
Thanks. Does the wilton gumpaste dry ok? Never used gumpaste before so I don't even know how wiltons is? I have made mmf and added gumtex before so if I made mmf and added gumtex about how much gumtex do I need so my flowers would be hard like that are supposed to be?
I have a tiered cake I going to make for my daughters sweet 16th bday party that has alot of gumpaste flowers on it. It is for the end of March. Is it to early now to start making the gumpaste flowers? I want to start at least practicing now and don't want to throw any out when I have one that turns out nice after putting one together either. Of course if it doesn't I surely want use it.HAHA. It is 9 more weeks until her party.
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