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Really!? No one wants to share with me on this thread?
A very long time ago some created a thread called borders we love. There were some very interesting and creative buttercream borders shown in this thread. So many people contributed and it was so many good ideas that I would love to start a new thread based on the same idea but only with fondant borders. I get so tired of fondant balls and ribbon and am looking forward to seeing some new things to spark some inspiration. So please attach pictures or links to your favorite...
Hello Jennifer, This is a topic that has been discussed many times on several forums, which is why perhaps you haven't received many replies yet. I am also in NYC, the Bronx to be exact. Unfortunately our laws vary by county but generally if you live anywhere within the 5 boroughs home baking is not allowed if you intend to sell to the general public. This would require a 20-C lisence along with a commercial kitchen complete with proper venting, sinks, grease traps etc......
I've been looking into purchasing an edible printing system and this website seems to have a pretty good deal on everything I'll need to get started. I'm just curious if any one has purchased with this company and if so what your experience was . Thank you
Oh yeah! I use lorann oils as well sometime. Just remember a little goes a long way with those. I use the champagne one a lot, but literally add it one drop at a time until it tastes just right to me.
I loooooove using simple syrups in my cakes. It's a great way to add moisture and additional flavor. I always get raves about how moist and delicious my cakes are when I add a simple syrup. Here's what I use when I don't want to alter the flavor of the cake too much...1 cup sugar1 cup water1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract1/2 teaspoon almond extractFor best results I brush with simple syrup while the cake is still hot so that it really absorbs it all. Then you can freeze the...
@ fromscratch I ordered mine from but once I realized they were coming in the regular mail and not UPS I bought back up from party city. they are just tiny little wireless bulbs that you twist on they last for 8 hours. They are called mini party lights on the packaging.
You guys are really awesome thank you! I think I will use a combination of your idea Lynne with the brackets as well as cakeyouverymuch's idea of placing the skyline in a ring of royal. This should be extra sturdy for transport. Thanks again.
Thank you oh so much! This is just the idea I was looking for and i understand it perfectly. I will certainly try it and will be sure to post pics when I'm done.
The skyline will go all the way around the cake. Let me see if I can word it a bit better... Imagine the 10 inch cake with a 12 inch ring/skyline around it, it will be empty space between the cake and the ring/skyline where the lights will go. its the 12 inch ring that needs the stands and I doubt anyone will actually eat it, they'll probably just remove it to get to the cake behind it. Thank you for your help.
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