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Wow!!!  Great job Sugar Fairy!!  I definitely need more practice! 
On White Flower Cake Shoppe's Facebook page they say they are talking to Craftsy about doing a tutorial.  Also on their page it said they use swiss meringue.  I agree with costumeczar.  I used regular buttercream, 1/2 butter 1/2 hi-ratio shortening and I think my flower came out OK for a first try.  I would like to get my petals higher but I think that is going to come with practice and getting the right consistency icing whatever icing you may be using. 
Thank you Liz, The-_Sugar_Fairy and chaka1!!!  I appreciate your nice comments! 
Hi Everyone!  I have been fascinated with the White Flower Cake Shoppe flowers too!  Just today I posted the cake I made for my daughter's birthday.  I bought the Wilton 402 and 403.  My cake is 6" and I use the 402 for the flowers on top.  The flowers made with the 403 were too big for my 6" cake.  It would probably be fine for a bigger cake.  I used a medium consistency buttercream and I did pry open the tip a little bit.  Mine aren't very good but I thought they turned...
Thanks everyone for all the replies!!! The cake done. Not totally happy with the color of the bun but it's OK. I would have rather done it in fondant. I think it gives you a cleaner look and so much easier to handle. But so many don't like fondant so I wanted to do it in buttercream. Thanks again!!!
Thanks for your replies but I'm just a Grandma baking for my family. I don't have an airbrush. I'll start with a golden yellow base and then add a little brown and red and see how that looks. Thanks again.
I'm making a cheeseburger cake for my grandson's birthday tomorrow. How do I get a nice golden BUN color??? It will be in buttercream not fondant. Thanks everyone for your help!
Wilton also came out with 2 lb. packages of red and black fondant. I like Wilton for modeling things. I like the consistency and it dries quickly.
Yes I've bought a couple of the new molds. The fern one, the cupcake one and the alphabet set. Haven't tried any of them yet but I'm excited to give them a try especially the alphabet set.
Cupcakemama is right. I had the same problem when I stored cupcakes or a cake in a airtight container. The fondant absorbs moisture from the icing and they get soft. If you want to store your cupcakes in for example the Wilton cupcake container you can put something under the edge of the lid so there is some airflow while they are sitting on your counter. But a box is best.
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