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I've signed the petition and tried to attach a sample letter from the site below to contact our representatives!
I'm in cobb. Thanks! I'll try closed mom and pops
I've read up on the laws in my county in Georgia, and now I'm ready to find a space! Easy right? Not so far . I have contacted a few churches and catering companies and no one is getting back to me. Do you have any tips for finding a kitchen to rent in Georgia or otherwise?
Thanks for your help! With the spray, I heard that you use a brush after spraying. So I would have to use a brush to make the shine uniform. Do you think this will damage the image?
Quick Question: If I make my fondant shiny by using edible varnish, vegetable shortening or pam (I heard you could spray it on the cake), will my edible image be damaged? I'm afraid it will be saturated by it or something
Hey CCers!I have been asked to make a Darts trophy. The client has given me the flexibility to pick the design. I can make it 2D or 3D (3D is preferred by the client though). I would like to make the trophy below into a cake, but this will be a more challenging cake for my skill level (hence turning to my CC friends!). How do you suggest going about this?My initial thoughts were to make the base out of cake, the dart board out of RKT covered in fondant, and the darts...
Thanks for sharing! If you melt the chocolate and let it cool a little before you add it, can you use the icing immediately?
I used clear extract. I think I was looking more for gold highlight dust because this color seems to have a lot of brown in it. Rats - I think I'll have to order that online. I'll try dusting rather than painting to see the differenceIzzy - It's in Tucker (which is a bit of drive from where I am). It's called the Cake Art Party Store It's not huge, but it's big enough to carry a lot of items you won't find elsewhere (like luster dust, dummies, filling...
On my first trip to the biggest cake decorating store in Ga, I picked up some silver and gold luster dust. I was so excited to use them! I mixed the gold with some vanilla extract and tried it on some yellow piping. To my dismay, it made my piping look more dirty than gold. It's like there was too much brown or something. Does anyone have tips as to how I can use my two luster dusts to achieve the best results? Thank you CCers!
So sorry ladies! I forgot to check this thread again. Here is the quote from a CCer ( I dont have her name so I can't give her credit - sorry!)"I poured some sugar in a small pot (probably 1-2 cups) and put some water in the pot with the sugar. You dont want to put too much water in the pot. you'll want the consistency of wet sand. melt over the stove and let it caramelize. take it off the stove, and have a bowl of cool water set aside. place the bottom of the pot in the...
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