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P.S. Fruity Pebbles make delicious RKT. Maybe you could also do cocoa pebbles for another layer for variety . Also, what about mixing chocolate chips or other things into BC for the filling?
I did a layer of rkt on one cake because I didn't need as much cake as I wanted tiers. The layer of rkt was actually really tasty with the buttercream and fondant. It disappeared from the party as quickly as the cake. If you wanted to put filling in the middle, I would "smoosh" one layer into your baking pan, then do another layer then put the filling in between just like you would for a regular cake and then stack them. I wonder if the filling wouldn't make them get...
Sadly, I don't have an airbrush. I will try the thinned down gel colors. Thanks so much
What is bettercreme and where do you find it? Why do you use it vs. other fillings? Thanks!
What do you use to paint on a cake? Thanks so much!
That's not the one, but it gives me another method to try! Thanks for suggesting that one to me! I will have to try some of those ideas soon!
I just tried this with orange Kool Aid. The flavor is very fun! It did taste like a starburst. I didn't get a very vibrant color with the orange, but that wasn't a problem, I just added food color. My question is, has anyone else had a problem with the fondant being slightly tough and/or dry with the Kool Aid? I made my usual MMF and it is very hard to work with. Any ideas?
Hello,A week (?) or so ago, I read someones help for writing with royal icing on waxed paper placed on top of paper printed from the computer to make fun wriiting. I can't find it now. Anyone have any idea where that post may be?Thanks so much!!!
Great idea. Thanks!
AH! I'm so glad you posted this. I have made sugarshaks buttercream several times with no problems. Last night I made some with a store brand powdered sugar and it was so incredibly grainy, almost like sand was mixed in! I couldn't figure out what I had done wrong. Made another batch and it was a tiny bit grainy but not too bad.So, it sounds like it might be bad powdered sugar?
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