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Hello all,I have a silicone mold of lego mini figures. I am having a heck of a time getting them out in one piece. Is it best to use fondant or gumpaste? Do you let them dry before removing them? Any tips or advice is welcome!Thanks!
I used demara sugar comgined with nilla wafer crumbs.
I was getting so frustrated by crumbling sides of cake which were sticking to the bottoms of the pans, no matter how well I floured and greased them. I tried wilton's cake release and baker's joy as well. It finally hit me that I should try parchment cirlces. I found some at the baking supply store and I have only used them a few times, but I haven't had any of the troubles that I was having before!
When I did mine, I printed Julius and cut out the layers with an exacto knife...not so easy when your computer is not working. Good luck!
Thank you both!
Does anyone have instructions for making the cake where a piece of the cake is cut out and set on top? Mostly do you decorate before or after cutting out the wedge and how do you make the wedge stand up? Do you dowel it or what? Do you put it on a cake board piece?Thanks!
This topic caught my eye, because i have been wanting to try one of these also. I have one more you cover your whole cake in the bottom color of fondant and then place the scalloped overlay on top of that? Thanks!
yes, it was pure cane.
I have had it go grainy twice now. First time I had used store brand ps and thought it was that. This time, used name brand ps. Otherwise, everything is the same as the times I have made it and it turned out great. Try it again, it really is good when it works!
I wonder about mixing the cherry pie filling with buttercream....sound yummy to me. I did strawberry preserves with buttercream last week and it was much better than I expected it to be and everyone who ate it raved about it.GOOD LUCK!
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