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Posts by Motorhead I also made a grave digger monster truck cake for my little bro.  structure I employed was using two psb tubes cut at different heights and screwed into cake base, then mounted another board (size of truck base) on top.  hope that helps.  I've also used styro in the past and covered with black fondant to blend in. good luck
Do u have a clay extruder? I Would run fondant through it
i don't have an edible printer either, and i've just used rice paper instead.  that way you can either paint or use edible food markers to color your label.  rice paper is cheap but delicate.  i've also found that once it is dry i have to put some heavy wieght on it for a little bit to prevent any curling or warping of the paper.  but works like a charm!!  good luck!!
adding tylose to fondant increases it's durability-makes it stiff and hard, for figures and flowers-if you want your fondant more pliable-glucose should of been added-depending if it was mmf or store bought. hth
Bump! I use a crumb coat of BC under my mmf but I have had bubbles from a thicker layer of BC
we have a bulk barn where i live that sells cake supplies, i've seen them there. i can't remember the exact price but pretty sure they were not over the $5 mark.
i'm in Manitoba and checked the regs out two years ago. sounds like we might be similar to other provinces, in that we need a seperate entrance, sanitized equipment ect, seperate bathroom, subject to inspections, but most importantly it states you need to have your food handlers certificate. i priced it out and figure it would cost me approximately $10-15 grand to start. i think i'll stick to hobby baking for now!. good luck!
i agree with manddi-i would color the middle tier as well. it will add a nice pop of color and draw the eye into the cake. i think the green or the dark purple would work for both girl/boy. good luck and looking forward to pics of the finnished cake! and hello from Wpg!!
thanks Denise, that's a great idea!
i'm creating a surprise 25th anniversary cake-i've decided to make two pillows in the brides' maid dress colors (baby blue) and have two sets of figures-one of bride and groom on their wedding day, one that would represent them now. i would like to encorporate the wedding party. any thoughts on how without making figures? the guys wore black bow ties and girls wore pearls. i thought perhaps to outline the pillows in pearls? any thoughts welcomed!
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