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I was thinking of doing butter cream with crushed tinned pineapple and pineapple flavouring. if it is well mixed with the buttercream does it need to be stored in the fridge, if it is done the day before it is eaten?
Great idea, thank you. I never thought of using fruit.
I do not have the time to do this as the wedding is next saturday.I did make fruit cakes 2 months ago, I marzipaned them yesterday and today noticed that the marzipan was very wet. I checked the cakes and realised that they were not cooked properly. I have no idea why. I did everything the recipe said and checked them with a cake tester which came out clean. The cakes looked really good.So I have given up on the fruit cake idea until I have had lots of practice.My daughter...
I am making my daughters wedding cake, a three tier.the bottom is going to be choclate and the middle a vanilla sponge.Not sure what to do for the top tier.I have only used a butter cream filling for my cakes, and this is the first time that I am making a wedding cake.I would like the filling to be really lovely and totally different from butter ceam. I have looked through the recipe section and have found ganache.How long can you use before the day of the wedding as the...
thank you all,
good luck,
Hi,does anybody have a photo of a cake with LED lights, i have never heard or seen one. It sounds really interesting.thanks
thank you
I would like to say a big THANK YOU to everybody on CC, who replies to the questions asked by every body and all who willing share their knowledge and time.I have been cake decorating for six months now without the help of CC'ers, I would in no way have got this far. I could not even bake a decent cake six months ago. Now everyone raves about them.I have suffered with severe depression for sixteen years. Cake decorating has really helped and being able to achieve...
Thanks it's a good idea.I will try a few this week and keep them for a week.Then I will ask my family to taste them. If they are ok, I think I will make them a week before.Thank you for replying.
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