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I covered the whole cake with fondant and then smoothed in normal way as you would with a round cake. I trimmed the fondant just over the holes of the number as I found it impossible to cover it all in one go.Then I covered the area around the centers with strips of fondant. I covered up the seam with a fondant pearl border.I tried for ages to get information on the internet and couldn't find any. I asked questions on here but did not get any replies.There is bound to be a...
thanks for the advice, it was driving me mad trying to remember how i did it. I remember now i did use apricot jam. So thank you both i will get cracking on now with the cake now.
I use a sponge recipe that does not crumb, so I do not need to buttercream to crumbcoat. I want to stick the fondant straight on a sponge as I have used a wilton teddy pan and want to make sure the features of the teddy are still kept. Can I use a thin layer of jam and a thin layer of fondant.or would it ruin the fondant because it is wet?I have done it a few months ago and I cannot remember how I did it.Any advice would be appriciated. Thanks
I just crumb coat mine, smooth and chill for about an hour and never had a problem with it sticking.
I have been asked to do a three tier wedding cake, similer to the one I have made for my daughters wedding. The lady wants a three tier in white fondant and all the wording and everything that is pink on my daughters cake to be black, including the roses in the hearts.The thing that I am worried about is she wants black and white carnations for a cake topper. Do you think carnations will go with the roses that are in the hearts. I am not sure as I have only been cake...
Everything went really well, I followed your advice and did not have one mishap so no repairs were neded.Thankyou so much for your help.
Thanks for the advice, The cake is stacked with dowels and carboard cake bases.There is a dowel running through the centre of the first three tiers and four dowels on each tier supporting the cakes, the boards are stuck to each tier with royal icing, and the cakes are stuck to the board with a thin layer of royal icing.I will take my husband with me to transport the cake and will use rubber matting on the floor of the car with the cake in a bread crate and more rubber...
I have just made a four tier wedding cake and have to transport it to the venue for my daughters wedding tomorrow.Can anybody please give me any advice on how to put it in the car so it does not move about. It is well dowelled. Thanks
Thank you all for the great advice, I will be using these ideas and let you know how it goes and what flavour filling I used.After the wedding next saturday, I will let you know what the guests think of the filling. Most will be family so it will be good feed back.
dazeyjo, thank you for the idea of mixing buttercream with jam. I have just woke my husband up and asked him to try some. Bless him, he did and said it was really lovely but very sweet. Do you know of any way of making it not so sweet?
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