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I made the fondant decorations for my daughters wedding cake six weeks before. I needed time as I was also doing the catering. I put them in a cardboard box and stored them in a cupboard where it does not get hot or damp.The only damage you can get is sunlight and damp. Sunlight makes colours fade.I always make my decorations well in advance now and store them this way and have never had any trouble with them. Also it is a good idea to make a few extra in case of...
Hi, I have made 2 sponges for a two tier cake, torted and crumb coated them ready to cover in fondant.My friend has just telephoned and said her mum has been taken into hospital. This is who the cake is for, so the cake will not be wanted at the moment.Sometimes I do freeze my cakes but this one hasn't been, so can I freeze it with the filling in and crumb coated? I have used Indydebi's buttercream.Thanks for any advice
I am self taught and have been doing this for nearly a year and really love it. I do wonder though, will I ever be totally happy with a cake I decorate?The constant worry weather they are good enough drives me mad at times, but it also makes you want to strive to improve.
I asked the same question a while ago and this is the reply i got......It would be the same cream that you would use for whipping into a topping for strawberries. Heavy whipping cream would probably be the same as your extra thick cream and whipping cream would be similar to your thick cream.unless, of course, your extra thick cream is sour cream then, no it wouldn't be the same.oooooooooooooooh, nooooooooooooooo....I just seen an image of the extra thick cream....
I always use the extra fondant for figures and never had any problems.If the figures are not needed for a while i use cmc/tylose to harden and use them for another cake and tell them they are not edible, anyway they would be too hard to eat. Hope this helps.
Hi, I have never heard of blown sugar, What is this please?
Thank you all so much, I have been wondering about it for a while.I will buy some and look forward to using it.
Some of the recipes I have seen on here says to use heavy cream.This might seem a dumb question, but I have not been baking long.Is heavy cream just thick cream, I am from the UK and can not find heavy cream, just thick or extra thick cream. Thanks for any advice
I always use fondant and it has never shrunk on me.on my pics is a sketch of dora, if you copy it and cut each section out. Like a puzzle and then cut seperate pieces of fondant in colour desired.You can then add more pieces on top to make a 3d effect.Hope this helps.Sorry just realised you had the dora tin, you can still use fondant. In my pics I have used a teddy tin and used fondant as it looks nicer than buttercream.
I always use this recipe and always have a very light sponge with very small air pockets, absolutly brilliant to carve.HD= High Density. Recipie from BSG. UK.This sponge is;-close textured ie small air pockets.light to the bite unlike Madeira which tends to be heavy to the bitegreat for all types of celebration cakes and due to the close texture is suitable for carving.Basic informationSponge flour is not the bog standard SR flour. Sponge flour is marketed by McDougalls....
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