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Thanks for the advice, i will try them both and see which works better.
Thank you for the advice, I will do it the way you said.
DianeLM thanks I will try making royal icing your way next time I make it.leah_s what is gum glue?Thanks
I made a 12 inch fruit cake 3 months ago, I stored it wrapped in grease proof paper and in a cake box.Last week I covered it in marzipan and just put it in the box not covered, but with the lid on.When I got it out today to cover in fondant it was soaking wet.I used delia smiths xmas cake recipe and added brandy exactly as the recipie stated. Has anybody any idea why this has happened?Thanks
I will be making a gift bag cake this weekend. How to I attach the Handles?I will be using fondant. They will be made like thin rope.Do I use gum paste or fondant to make themThanks
I have made a gumpaste shoe and now the pieces have dried I need to stick them together. Do I need to use royal icing? If I do the only recipie I have says use fresh lemon but I do not have any,is there another way of making it? Thanks
Brilliant for carving. I have had great results in using this to carve.HD= High DensityThis sponge is;-close textured ie small air pockets.light to the bite unlike Madeira which tends to be heavy to the bitegreat for all types of celebration cakes and due to the close texture is suitable for carving.Basic informationSponge flour is not the bog standard SR flour. Sponge flour is marketed by McDougalls. Its made from a softer grain of wheat and as such has a lower gluten...
Great thank you so much, that is the exact bag i was thinking of doing.
How do I cover a gift bag cake in fondant?do I drape the fondant over the top as you would for a round or square cake etc?I did pm the person who made a gift bag cake here on cc but have had no reply.Thanks
Thank you I will do it now.
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