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1. Circles with a curved edge.The best way to get circles with rounded edges (like a bangle), is to cover your fondant with plastic wrap. Use your cutter right over the plastic wrap. Then, use a slightly smaller cutter to cut away the inside. Remove plastic wrap.2. Coloured sprinkelsTake any white sprinkels, (works with sugar to.) and place in a zipper bag. Add a very small amount of food powder dust (lustre dusts are very pretty to use) and close the bag.Shake the bag...
This tip was posted last year, I am not sure who by. But this works really well.Covering novelty tin cakes in sugar paste/fondant.I torted then covered in buttercream before covering in sugarpaste.Then I put the tin back on top and pressed down hard to transfer the markings.Any markings in the background colour are then acentuated using a dresdon tool. All of the other colours of sugarpaste were added piece by piece, cutting to approx size before placing on the cake. If...
how do you save it to a folder on your pc? I know how to create a folder on my desk top but I only know how to save pictures in it. Thanks
I copy and paste any tips that I am interested in and send them to myself in an email and then save them in a folder with my emails. My computer is next to where I do my cake decorating so they are always handy to get.
My daughter made her first fondant covered cake yesterday, I am so proud of her.She is is suffering with really bad postnatal depression, so this is amazing.I have not taught her how to decorate cakes she has just decided to have a go. I can't wait to start teaching her, and best of all I now have somebody in my family who has caught this bug and can talk cakes to all day.We will probably drive our family mad. I can not attach pic. pinkorchidrose
WOW! they look amazing,
I was hoping to store for about 3 months as I don't need them. I just thought it would save waste in case I do. Do you think they would last this long and still be safe if they were eaten?
How long can I keep things I make with fondant and tylose.?I have lots of coloured fondant left over and I want to make lots of hearts, leaves and stars etc, incase I need them for future use and I thought it would save wasting the fondant. Do I store them in a plastic container or a box?Thanks
I always cut lots of circles and strips of geaseproof paper for lining my baking tins, and write the size of the pan they are for with an icing pen and store them. They are then ready when needed and saves a lot of time when baking.
Fantastic tips, my hand is aching writing them all down. But well worth it.BearLuvsCakes suggested having the same size baking tins so you can bake a couple at the same time.Do they take longer to bake if there is more than one?
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